Backup Microsoft Outlook E-mail

Looking to backup Microsoft Outlook e-mail?

When it comes to backing up your e-mail, there's only one program you need to know: Backup E-mail. Backup E-mail takes your e-mail messages, address book, settings, mail and news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures - and stores them all in one single file, ready to store on disk or CD.

Backup E-mail backs up your Microsoft Outlook e-mail unlike any other program. It compresses, it provides password protection, you can schedule your backups -- you can even use it to transfer all your Microsoft Outlook e-mail to another PC!

That's not all -- you also get premium product support for backing up your Outlook e-mail, PLUS we provide versions of Backup E-mail available in English (the default), French, Russian, Dutch and Romanian.

So, need to backup your Microsoft Outlook? Download your FREE trial Backup E-mail software, by clicking here.

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How does Backup E-mail work?
Backup E-mail works by recording every little detail about your e-mail client, and the settings you decide to keep, and saving it all into one useful file. When you decide to restore your archive, Backup E-mail analyses this data and safely puts all the e-mail messages and settings back into your e-mail client. It's all totally secure, totally safe, and totally easy!
Which e-mail clients does it backup?
Backup E-mail backs up the messages and settings for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express.
Will Backup E-mail work on my PC?
Almost certainly yes! Backup E-mail works with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows ME - and best of all, Windows XP. That covers almost every home PC in the world!
What is the trial version? Why should I purchase?
The trial version of Backup E-mail simply allows you to backup your e-mail messages and settings, it doesn't allow you to restore your e-mail archive. To recover files, you will need to purchase the full version for $24.95 by clicking HERE.
Can I backup one PC and restore to another?
The trial version of Backup E-mail simply allows you to scan for files, enabling you to find out if a deleted file is still recoverable. You cannot however recover files with the trial version. To recover files, you will need to purchase the full version for $24.95 by clicking HERE.
Can I backup from Outlook and restore to Eudora?
You cannot backup from one e-mail client and restore to another... for example, you cannot backup your e-mail from Outlook and restore to Eudora. You can only backup and restore to the same e-mail client. However you can restore back to the same e-mail client on ANY operating system... it doesn't matter!
Can I order Backup E-mail on CD?
You certainly can. This does cost an extra $20, however includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. Click HERE to learn more.
Do you offer a refund guarantee?
We do not offer refunds on Backup E-mail! We advise all potential customers to download the trial version before purchasing, to evaluate the potential of our unique tool.
If you still have questions about Backup E-mail simply contact us via our dedicated support site, We guarantee to answer all your queries quickly and efficiently, with technicians regularly available for live online chat.