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Backup your E-mail - Instantly!
Backup everything automagically.
Looking for an impressive e-mail backup solution?
Our new Backup E-mail program does it all & more
Backup E-mail uses an easy wizard interface to backup everything from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail. All it takes is a single click and you're done! It'll even backup your Internet Explorer Favorites!
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Backup E-mail Screenshots

See how Backup E-mail works for yourself!
Step 1: Select your backup options
Open Backup E-mail and select your e-mail client. Choose the items you wish to backup. You can also specify a password if you wish, to protect your backup file(s).
PLUS: Latest version now fully supports Windows Mail!

Step 2: Click to make the backup
When you've selected your options, click to begin the backup. This may take anything from a couple of seconds to a few minutes.
Keep your backup files safe!
You will need them if you wish to recover your e-mail messages, rules, account settings and other information in the future
Step 3: Restore whenever you want!
If you wish to restore your e-mail messages, rules, account settings and other information, simply double-click on your backup file and let Backup E-mail do the rest! You could restore on another computer or on the same PC -- immediately, or months later. With Backup E-mail, YOU decide what to do with your data.
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If you're experiencing difficulties with our program or site, simply contact us via our dedicated support site, We guarantee to answer all of your questions quickly and efficiently, with technicians regularly available for live online chat.
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Reviewed 4/5 at
Reviewed 4/5 at